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Barbizon was founded by Helen Fraser in 1939 when she opened her first location on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Since our beginning, Barbizon has grown to become a well-known establishment in the modeling and acting industry. From a single location, to operations in over 200 markets worldwide. Barbizon has been training and developing top models and actors for numerous years working with both males and females. We are constantly evolving to stay on the cutting edge of the modeling and acting industry to provide clients with well-trained models, actors, singers and dancers.

Barbizon is not defined by the industry we operate in, but also the personal success of each and every individual that participates in the Barbizon Program. We believe in giving children, teens, and young adults the skills that lead them to success in modeling, acting and in life. Although we cannot guarantee the outcome or predict the future, we strive to provide a rewarding and uplifting experience that carries our models and talent to wherever life may take them.

Through our industry connections and training we prepare young models and talent for all of the challenges life has to offer as they explore the exciting world of modeling and acting. Our agency, Barbizon Chique, is very respected in local and international markets. Our models and talent can be seen throughout the world on the runway, in magazines, on TV and in movies! We represent models and talent from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia not only at our location in Wilmington, Delaware but also in Philadelphia. In modeling competitions in both New York and Los Angeles, Barbizon has won Agency of the Year; International Model of the Year; and Child Actor of the year, just to name a few! Barbizon is where you can come make your dreams come true!

While we believe in industry innovation and evolution, we are also focused on a commitment to communication, customer service and providing more than just modeling and acting instruction; we're providing a lasting experience. There's the reason why hundreds of thousands of graduates have walked the runway at Barbizon; simply, we're the best when it comes to helping you bring out your best and having fun! So whether your dream is modeling, acting, another area of the industry or even to rule the boardroom, Barbizon's a great place to start! 

Barbizon Chique - Let Yourself Be Great